Thursday, July 5, 2007

SMS Tools

Have you ever wondered how to extend the MMC for SMS 2003. There is a reg key that allows users to enter any kind of right click menu the system. It will be called SMS Tools.

To pull the right click tools to SCCM 2007 the guid is:


To pull into SMS 2003
"Description"="Client Assignment (ClientAssignment.exe)"
"Name"="Client Assignment"
"CommandLine"="C:\\Program Files\\SMS 2003 Toolkit 2\\ClientAssignment.exe"

==realize that this is for a specific computer. Please check out Microsoft for more guids that control SMS or simply open up your reg and you can see.

Use this to send a WMI command to a certain client or force a collection to perform a HW inventory. Though this started in SMS 2.0 it is still valid in 2003.

There are many other places to find information. Once you learn the 3 or 4 nodes to use and how to create scripts or applications you can extend SMS far beyond the native deployment.

Here is an example of an sms tool