Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The moment I hit Refresh

There comes a time in everyone’s life in when they need to “Hit Refresh”.  My father never graduated college but rose to a VP of Engineering by taking courses and surrounding himself with people willing to teach him and allow him to learn.  He ended up holding 4 patents in electronics and the medical field.  I enjoyed watching him learn circuit design and homebrew computers.  I was born in 1975 and by 1980 we had a TRS-80 Model III.  By 1984 I was programming in BASIC and by 1987 I was helping my father fix and sell computers.  Of a family of 6 we had one for each person and several more coming and going.  I was even beginning to write programs for people.  In 1997, I started my full-time career in IT working for a university, Windows 3.1, 95 and Netware over Token Ring and 10Base2.  By 2005, I had been fixing and programming computers for a long time but I needed a change, a challenge that would take me to the next stage.  I started on my Master’s degree in Computer Sciences and learning .NET/C#.  Then, I was contacted by an old co-worker that had changed jobs.  He was working for another education environment that was searching for someone to manage machines using SMS 2003.  I had never heard of SMS 2003 but I interviewed.  My friend knew I enjoyed a challenge and could master anything, having already taught me JavaScript, ASP and PERL.  My first day on the job I hit refresh and started a new path, managing machines from a central console.  I started on a path of installing SMS 2003 from the ground up! I found the world of Enterprise Management to be one of challenges, frustrations and how to properly manage machines.  As the only person managing SMS, it became necessary to learn every aspect and to perfect each area.  I began to create a blog and answer questions in the Microsoft Forums. I had mastered the software and wanted to help others.  I also wanted to learn more, enter the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS), but we didn’t have any funds for me to attend the conference.  I learned that speakers have their hotel and conference pass paid in full so I did the next best thing, I submitted a topic and was selected.  From there my life moved forward and I became a Microsoft MVP in 2009 and enjoy the award still.  People saw potential in my father and helped him grow, he and other IT professionals helped me grow, so I continue helping the next generation.  All it takes is someone to take an interest in your future. 

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