Monday, December 7, 2009

This program is currently not available

Have you ever seen this error when you have a non-manditory advertisment? It could be to several reasons. If you have a chain of programs it could be that one requires the no one be logged on or maybe that you have it disabled. Check the settings for each program or remove the chain and run just the first program and see if it downlaods and runs.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Adobe reader virtual and Pro

We have an environment where some machines are running Adobe Pro 7 and Adobe Pro 6. More often than not some run into a PDF they can’t open so the must use the Reader 9. Well in a test to see how a virtual Reader would act, this is what I found.

Reader virtual was installed First
Pro 7 is then installed.

As expected when Reader was installed any PDF you click on opens Adobe Reader virtual. A link in the web browser will launch the external PDF viewer since IE wasn’t sequenced with it.

When Pro 7 is installed the Default PDF behavior is shift to the Pro, as expected. Any PDF opened will open in pro.
Interestingly enough if you want to force Adobe Reader as the default behavior you can right click a PDF select “open with” then select “Application virtualization client” Always open with this.

Then when you click a PDF app-v will check and use the appropriate application but if you click on a PDF link in a browser window it will open with PDF pro since it can see the app-v settings. I am sure I can trick the browser by why bother. In the rare case you can’t open the PDF, or if it is very slow, you can simply download and open it by double clicking which will open it with the Virtual Reader.

There is no real reason to run these virtually or physically together other than the face that 6 and 7 are old. Machines that have Adobe 8 pro and Adobe 9 pro are just fine.