Monday, June 25, 2012

Announcing the release of the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK

Announcing the release of the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK 

From Microsoft:
The Microsoft System Center team is announcing the release and general availability of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.  The System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK can be downloaded at no cost today at:

Configuration Manager is a component of System Center 2012 that:
·         Empowers users to be productive from anywhere, on whatever device they choose.
·         Provides a unified infrastructure for client management and protection.
·         Makes it easier and faster to administer client systems and maintain system compliance.

The SDK provides information about how developers and IT administrators can develop solutions that integrate with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.   Features of the SDK include the following:

·         Programming Fundamentals.  Information about developing integrated applications for Configuration Manager.  Provides best practice guidance on using new Configuration Manager features in your applications.

·         “How-To” Examples.  Practical “how-to” examples using C# and Visual Basic Script that can automate day to day tasks or build a foundation for robust solutions.  How-To’s are available for the Administrator Console, Role Based Administration, and many other topics.

·         Application Management.  Information about the new application management capabilities and how to extend application management deployment types, or automate application creation.  Information about legacy software distribution is also covered.

·         Samples and Reference Documentation.   A detailed section covering over 30 topics that include the Configuration Manager WMI classes and APIs.   Several ready-to-compile solution samples are included for the Administrator Console, Software Updates, Operating System Deployment, Application Management and more.

·         Ease of Installation.  The SDK quickly installs in a standard way with no complex configuration required and a complete installer size of less than 100 MB. Developers can get up and running in just a few minutes.   The System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK reference documentation is installed as a compiled help (CHM) file.  The System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK and the Configuration Manager 2007 SDK can both be installed on the same computer.

·         Complimentary MSDN documentation.  The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site also hosts the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SDK reference documentation.  Microsoft intends to update the reference documentation as new information is available.  You can monitor the topic at:

Microsoft intends to provide further updates to the downloadable SDK and the online MSDN reference information at a later date; details will be released when they are available

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hierarchy Simplification and Secondary's

Everyone should look closely at their hierarchy when performing their migrations from 2007 to 2012. 

If you are utilizing Secondary as content distribution and you wish to continue to use the Secondary as such and at the same time maintain the data on the DPs you mush have a new 2012 Secondary setup to take over the role.

DPs attached to the Secondary must be upgraded first.  During the upgrade process the Secondary role and MP role is removed and the server becomes a DP.  For this you must have a 2012 Secondary ready.  During the upgrade process you attach the DPs to the New Secondary.

Planning for Content Deployment During Migration to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

Now you can continue to use the secondary as content distribution system without the need to redistribute the content.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Configuration Manager PowerShell SDK Website

There is a new website in town.  Fellow ConfigMgr MVP, Kaido Jarvemets, has created a new website to help with SCCM.   
Kaido Jarvemets

This website will build on the PowerShell advantages.  Take a look.  If you have something about powershell send it to him and see if he can post it or talk about it. 

PowerShell is a power tool to be used in place of Vbscript.  We all know it, but it is time to move forward and look at what can be done with PS.