Saturday, December 31, 2011

Auto Discovery via Script

Ever wanted clients to auto-assign but you didn't know how to do it.
Well there are several ways to do this. You could create an export of all the boundarys, so with a script so the client can determine where it needs to be. Otherwise you can do this:

----------- Reassign.vbs -------------------
Set smsclient = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.Client")

Multi-Tier hiearchy. Imaging done at the central site. Computer is assigned during imaging to the Central Site.
At the end of the process run the script and it should auto discovery it's site code based on the boundaries. Obviously if the client stays at the Central site then you have a boundary or other problem that needs to be addressed.

Here is a link to my website that I made several years back. I it is one the slipped my mind until recently.Site Code Assignment

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Forefront Endpoint Protection Update 1 Updates tool

Have you been using Forefront Endpoint protection 2010. Hopefully you have found the time to update to the lastest release, Update 1.

What is critical to this update is the new update tool that allows you to really automate the download and push to the DPs. Before you had to do this manually, created a script or use another 3rd party script.

This tool should be copied to your Bin folder on machine performing the updates or referenced on the command line to run the program.

If you choose to create your own Deployment Management name and package name then you need to follow the switches for the application

SoftwareUpdateAutomation.exe” /AssignmentName FEP2010SignatureUpdates /PackageName FEP2010Signature

If you choose to use the defaults provided by the program then you simply need to run the .exe and sit back and watch. In the programsData folder there should be a log file name softwareupdateautomation.log. In here you can watch the program check the Deployment Management / Package and then download the files and update the DPs as necessary.

I recommend that you check your Deployment settings and set the program to use Binary Replication so you don't push all the files over and over again.