Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

I wanted to create this blog to post information for Systems Management Server (SMS). This blog will focus more on doing things with SMS beyond the normal Application Deployment. There are alot of places like App Deploy that will show you how to deploy an application. I would like to post items that will give you hints, tricks, and tips to utilizing SMS. Granted some of these can be done with Group Policy but with SMS you have the reporting and auditing. Some items I will cover might be as such:
How do you recover deleted items in Outlook 2003 once I have cleared my Deleted items?
How do I change the default screen saver when no one is logged on?
How can I setup the Microsoft VPN client on the computer?
How can I push OBDC setting to a computer?

If I find items from other sources, links and credits will be given when known.

As with any scripts, applications, and Registry changes, please test all items before deploying them in a production enviroment. Do not hold me responsible for any problems or errors my code causes to your network or computers. Use the code at your own risk, no warranty.