Saturday, December 8, 2007

Reinstalling Managment Point

Is it possible to reinstall the management point and not injure the SMS structure?
Yes, I have uninstall the MP, IIS, and reinstalled them both without failure. We had a MP error that of course prevented the clients to contact them. HTTP_ERROR. The only resolution from both the forums and Microsoft was to uninstall MP and IIS and start over. All the while the clients were in a tizzy since they couldn't get to the MP. Some would continue to run an Advertisement since it couldn't send the "complete" command and the policy said to install it until it was done. Well in my haste to get it all installed and working I forgot to put BITS on it. So I was forced to stop was I was doing and install BITS to it. But in the end it was all done. It took almost 5 hours to diagnose, get a response and get the whole thing redone. The nice part is that it has been almost a year and no sign to that problem again.