Monday, February 11, 2008

Sessions for MMS 2008

I have been selected to present MMS 2008. A very big honor and I hope I will do well. I have never been, nor have I presented in front of more than say 50 people. Besides the scare factor it should be nice. I guess I will need to start pulling information together I might post some of my topics here as well as use some of my previous topics.
SY34 SMS / SCCM: Beyond Package Deployment
Speaker(s): Matthew Hudson
Track(s): Systems Management
Session Type(s): Breakout
Products(s): Configuration Manager 2007, Windows PowerShell
SMS / SCCM can do more than just the standard package/patch deployment. Here we will discuss tool development in scripting languages and .NET and how to utilize these tools through the SMS/SCCM MMC add-on, via Windows services or as a stand-alone tool. See how creating and deploying script files, special registry files, BIOS modifications (using the Dell OMCI) and custom HTA popup messages to users can expand the usefulness of SMS/SCCM. Learn how MIF/MOF data can be used to trigger special collection changes as well as the use of special collections and queries to aid in the computer management process. Learn about what other free tools have been created for SMS/SCCM to help with the management process.