Friday, May 30, 2008

SMS OU to Collection Tool

Edit: 12/2008 I have the tool on myITforum under the beta section SCCM OU Collection Creator - Matthew Hudson

Well I have a new tool that I might give to the community to test. I have finished but it is very rough. The basic idea came several years ago when I was creating our SMS collections. We have a collection called Departments. In it I have the different OU represent so I can do limits or deployments. The problem is that we have many departments so I only make a collection as needed. The new tool will query your AD via LDAP. It will look to your SCCM control file for the correct ldap path. It will then give you the structure for you to click on for import. Once you have all your OUS you click import and about 4 to 6 seconds later you have your entire AD struction in SCCM with the queries written for it as well. I have a few bugs to work out but I hope to give it to some people for testing. I think it would be a good tool. Granted most people might only use it 1 or 2 times.

When it gets posted it will most likely be via MyITforum.