Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Client actions for an entire collection

This page still isn't displaying correclty.
Here is a link on the SCCM tools website

Ok I have deleted this whole section since I re-wrote this tool...

Files: (files names are case sensative)
clientactions.vbs : File that controls everything
Clearcache.vbs : Client clear cache file
Inventory.vbs: Client HW/SW inventory file
Policy.vbs: Client machine policy refresh
Computer.XML : This will be the xml file for right click on a computer
Collection.XML: This will be the xml file for right click on a collection
C:\Program Files\MCNS\ClientActions\ : Location where all the files are stored on the server

7ba8bf44-2344-4035-bdb4-16630291dcf6 - computers
fa922e1a-6add-477f-b70e-9a164f3b11a2 - this GUID is for first-level collections
dbb315c3-1d8b-4e6a-a7b1-db8246890f59 - this GUID is for all subcollections
x:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminUI\XmlStorage\Extensions
Under this folder create the guid and place the appropriate XML file