Thursday, August 28, 2008

SCCM Tools

Well I have decided to launch my own website / community. Bascially I will host a site where users can request SCCM tools, download SCCM tools, and have discussions about creating tools.

Is the URL. I hope to have the site up in the next few weeks. This site will be a beta test so people can just go wild on the site to see what needs to be improved. Then I will delete everything and launch the site. Lets hope it goes well. It isn't easy to launch and IT site for IT people, we are very picky. I can't match myITforum but I don't want to compete with them but work along side. I am hoping this fills a niche where people can locate tools. It seems to be a common question "Where can I find SCCM tools" Where there are my blogs and many places to get them. This won't house all the tools but will have links to those that we can't or don't want to host. There more diverse places you have to download programs the more likely you are to have an older version. So this way we can link to SourceForge or someother "original" location so the author doesn't need to police the we. Nor do we need to hunt for the latest release