Friday, April 17, 2009

Could the ConfigMgr console put you to sleep?

Well I am home because my wife is out of town and I have a sick 1 year old. Well he wanted to roam around so I sat down and remoted to my ConfigMgr server. Like all good IT personell, I "volunteer" alot. Well he wanted to be picked up so I placed him on my lap while I ran throuhg logs and status messages. It took about 15 mins before he started to do the head bob and 5 minutes later he was out. Now he has only been up for about 1 hour so either he really needs more sleep or that console is not for children under "5 years of age." We saw at MMS 2008 that even a 5 year old can image machines so I think we need a disclaimer for working with System Center products. Not recommended for childen under the age of 5 years of age. Drowsiness may occur.