Saturday, June 27, 2009

Right click Status Messages

I received a nice email from Robert Mitsch about my status messages right click tool. Back in the days of SMS 2003 in late 2005 I had tried to work with the statview.exe application for the status messages but didn't have the time nor could I find some good documentation so I just kept it the way it was with statusmessages.exe. Well he has it working with statview. Shown below is the new method. The differences are as follows:
1. No longer to you need to select server and hit enter
2. Messages no longer pull ALL messages in. This caused problems sometimes. It now pulls in around 1 month of messages.

<parameters>/SMS:Server=\\##SUB:__Server## /SMS:Path=##SUB:__Namespace## /SMS:System=##SUB:Name##</parameters>

Changes will be made here on SCCM Tools website

and on my original blog post