Saturday, September 12, 2009

Uninstall when not in a collection

Alot of admins would like to uninstall software when the computer is not in a collection. While this thought processes is sound it can't be done. ConfigMgr needs to send policy to machines that are in a certain collection.

So how do we get around this problem.
I want to point back to a blog post I have labeled, "Collections in reverse"

What I do is simply have a collection of the software I want people to be allowed to have, say Google Earth.
Then I have a collection of people that are NOT in the google earth collection. Now when I place an "approved" machine in the google Earth collection nothing happens since this is a user based install via the web, but the computer is removed from the uninstall collection. Otherwise, the day after they install it the machine would kick off the uninstall.

So you see, you still need to create a collection of computers, in this example we have 2 the approved collection and the Uninstall collection.