Friday, October 9, 2009

MMS 2010 call for sessions coming soon

If you are thinking about presenting at MMS 2010 ( you need to start thinking of topics. My prediction is that they will open between the 12 and 19 of November with the cut off date around December 17th. This is only a prediction but should be pretty close. Once they open I will post the link. "Many will enter, few will be chosen" Think about a topic in ConfigMgr that a large group would be interested in and has a high value. It could be a simple or complex topic. Isn't necessary to have a demo during the presentation but it is always nice to break it up.
If you don't feel comfortable about being on stage by yourself then find a partner. They do have a coach there that you can take classes and hopefully improve your stage presence. I speak from personal experience that it can be a bit overwhelming to stand there and see hundreds of your peers staring back. Good luck and happy thinking!!!