Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TechNet MSDN forum email notifications

If you are upset that you never had a response to a forum post for the last few weeks then you should have received it by now. The problem affected the platform used for MSDN and TechNet it shouldn't have affected Answers.

I knew it was fix sometime late today when my inbox was slowly filling up. It is almost like a mail que back log. About every 20 seconds I receive an email. If you are a heavy posted then I hope you don't have a small inbox. I am slowly looking at each email to see if I need to check the responses for each thread. Many I have been able to stay on top of by viewing my threads via my profile.

Well happy reading everyone. I am sure there are contributers that are a sleep right now and will awake with either a dead mobile device or an inbox that read (300 new messages)!