Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Intune Fun

Playing with several settings with my Win 8.1 phone and Intune.  First I install the

Project My Screen App for Windows Phone

This is a great applicaiton to show your Windows 8.1 device on the desktop or even project. 

Now to the fun I had.

One feature that is nice is the ability to change the security

I did notice that after Setting the policy for Advanced Password setting, it will set your numeric keyboard login to a normal keyboard (seen above)
Unfortunately, keyboard setting "Password" is locked out.  Even after changing the policy back and forth, retiring the device and performing the unenroll.  The device was not able to be changed from the keyboard back to the number pad.
I used the Intune Wipe feature and selected the feature to remove corporate data.  I was very impressed that in less than 3 seconds the device shutdown and started the wipe process.
I wasn't looking forward to the restore process.  With the backup feature enabled, my device restorted to the orginal settings in about 20 mins.  There are a few personal settings there were not set back. 
In the future, I will run some more tests and record the screen shots using the Windows Project My screen Application.
I was a playing more than cocentrating on writing a good article. More to come...