Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The ConfigMgr Advanced Client encountered a certificate .... that could not be verified

Have you seen this error message after modifying the Site Certficates on your SCCM 2007 site?

Advanced Client encountered a certificate for Management Point XXX that could not be verified. Message ID 10822

Well if you have the certificates fix then the client will work correctly by sending data and receiving advertisments. The problem is that the cached certs need to be refreshed so the old info is removed.

To do this you need to repair the client. If you change the push setting to include the following command RESETKEYINFORMATION=TRUE or login script "CCMSetup.exe RESETKEYINFORMATION=TRUE " etc

Now you simply need to right click on the client and select Repair and you should see "The SMS Advanced client was repaired. The current version is 4.00.6221.1000" or something similar.

About Configuration Manager Client Installation Properties