Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MMS 2009 Session list live

You can now look at the session list for MMS. Note that they are currently in a state of flux so sessions might be added, removed or changed. Hands on labs are not yet published

Below is the abstract of my presentation with Greg Ramsey, also an MVP.

SY35 Configuration Manager 2007 Console Extensions
Speaker(s): Greg Ramsey, Matthew Hudson

Track(s): Systems Management
Session Type(s): Breakout Session
Products(s): Configuration Manager 2007
This session will focus on how to setup Configuration Manager to use console extensions, what parameters can be passed, how to use them to reduce time on mundane task, and increase efficiency to support your Site. Console Extensions allow the administrator to "right click" on objects and resources to perform certain functions. Commands include but not limited to: Policy refresh, inventory, collection listing, restart, reports, client log viewing, and administrative functions. Learn where to find these and other tools and how you can add them to your site. Attendees will not need programming experience for this session but will be taught basic understanding of the XML structure which is required to utilize console extensions.