Monday, April 5, 2010

Always check your Bios Settings

The following errors were found in our TS logfile of a brand new out of the box machine.
In SSL, but with no client cert
unknown host (gethostbyname failed)
sending with winhttp failed; 80072ee7
Failed to get client identity (80004005)
As standard practice we boot the machine, modify the time, WOL settings and power settings of the laptop and get to imaging.
For this particular problem it wasn't the network drivers that needed to be updated in WinPE or anything with the network. The tech kept looking at the client and the image. The twin that came with the machine imaged at the same time with not problems and we have imaged this laptop model several times before. The orginal error was the a Policy couldn't be found for the Task Sequence. I checked the machine and asked the standard questions. Well I could jump to a command prompt and see the ip address and ping back and forth from the server. Hmmm what could be the issue. Well I was scrolling throught the log above and couldn't make out the problems. Upon checking the ipconfig /all data I saw that the lease expires on Dec 26, 2009.
Well that struck me as odd!!! Looked at the log...wrong date there. It just happened that the OSD Certificate (Native mode) was create on Dec 1, 2010. So since the date was before this certificate existed it couldn't be found. Rebooted, changed the date in the bios and we imaged the machine. The Tech's response, "That is why you're the MVP." Not I just looked at the one thing you assume is always correct.