Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MMS 2010

MMS 2010 is just around the corner. We expect to see the latest version of ConfigMgr, chat with community experts, attend too many sessions and maybe a few parties. In less than a week it will be in full swing. I am already on edge. My presentation is one of the first for the week. I will land and have about 5 hours to get settled, practice one time, do my tech check and present. I have several other community based chats that I will be involved it.

As a reminder it is always good to step outside your comfort zone so you can meet people and network. While I know many people now through the MVP program, myITforum, the Microsoft forums and simply attending these events I like to find a table that has maybe 1 to 3 people and strike up a conversation. Last year at lunch I sat at a table with 3 french men. Only 1 spoke excellent English so he translated most of the time. I always say "Howdy", I am from the south and graduate of Texas A&M University so it fits right in. Of course I also always wear cowboy boots (even got married in them). Well when you sit down and say Howdy you get some looks. They had a good time asking me about Texas and I had a good time asking them how they were doing. If your going to MMS 2010 hope to see you there.