Saturday, April 6, 2013

2012 Console Extensions for 2012 SP1 Cu1

So I have been a bit busy lately with my 2012 Migration.  You have seen last year that I produced all the xml folders and files for the 2012 RTM extensions.  Well here is the updated version all the way up to CU1.  I haven't looked to see any of the Guids changed in CU1 but I wanted to make the note incase something did change.  If you try this on your Sp1 system and you are missing some guids, please drop me a line and I will see if I can spin up a 2012 SP1 site and export the guids. 

Realize that not all Guids are accessible, even if I have them listed.  What I am simply doing is pulling out all GUIDS the Microsoft references.  Nodes that are created on the fly when you click Show members don't have a guid and can't be accessed because they are dynamic nodes and are destroyed when you navigate away.

Please see this post to add images:

Also reference in the SDK are console extensions and how to add images and further manipulate the console.

Console files should be added here :
%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\Extensions\Actions\<GUID> folder, where <GUID> is the GUID identifier for the node that the action applies to.

Be aware that the console doesn't abide by file extensions so you can call the file .XXX and the console will still attempt to load it.  If you don't want it loaded then you should create a sub folder and then The console will ignore it. 

Please DO NOT install this on a production box.  The 620 console extensions here can cause the console to be slow or have problems.  I have broken down the folders into the different workspaces referenced.  Not all GUIDS will work, I simply export what Microsoft has.  If you find a problem with the same GUIDS you will need find the offending folder and delete it. 

The zip file can be downloaded here : 2012SP1CU1 Actions

Play responsibly :)