Sunday, July 18, 2010

MMS 2011 call for sessions

Based on the previous years I would hope to see the call for sessions soon. Because the event will be one month earlier I would expect the call for sessions to be as well. Generally they are open around thanks giving and closed mid December. Then early January you would hear about the results. With MMS in March I would expect that we will hear between the middle of October to the first week in November. I will update this post and my blog as soon as the call goes out. If you have presented before you should receive a private invitation and code that will allow you to re-register. This code is for you and not the general public. Much like the alum registration code, it is strictly for that person and selected group.

I would expect to see many seasons on V.Next and I hope to many familiar faces presenting again. I liked the presentations presented by the Microsoft Product team. It puts a real face with a "group" or "product." Microsoft personnel, while, very busy, are people and approachable. I think the Configuration Manager product group feels like open family. I can't say much about the other product groups because I don't attend other kinds of conferences nor do I interface with them.

Keep up the good work!