Sunday, July 18, 2010

Windows Intune

For those that are familiar with the Cloud Computing innovative, Microsoft is placing the ability to manage a computer into the cloud. Much like Configuration Manager but in the cloud. Now Microsoft can handle your hardware and you can work on the managment side. This is nice for the company that has 50 people and they are in 3 different cities. No longer do you need to setup a System Center Essentials server or use another program that requires servers and licenses you might need. With Intune you can manage the machines from anywhere. This is great for the small companies or consultants that need to manage several small companies

The open Beta #2 was released last week. When the first beta was annouced it filled up in less than a day if I recall correctly. Here is your chance to test drive this nice application. You will need to manage at least 5 machine but you cannot manage more than 25 via this beta.