Wednesday, July 14, 2010

User migration for Windows 7

Recently I tested the Viewfinity user migration tool. There are many ways to do user migration. USMT integrated with ConfigMgr is just one of them and can be performed at the time of imaging. What if you need to do it in a different time span. Back up the files on Thursday and then Deploy the new machine on Monday but no one knows exactly who is getting which computer. The Viewfinity migration tool uses USMT a bit differently, it allows you to set a time frame for the capture and then places that migration in the hands of the users, not the admins. The admins do control what content can be captured and where it it is stored.

I was very impressed with the product. It definitely made profile migration a breeze! It was a big time saver. The Viewfinity User Migration application is great tool with potential to create a seamless and effortless migration of user files and settings between Windows XP and Windows 7. The advantage over other products is the lack of application installation required on the host or target machines as well as the ability to put the time frame for migration of data into the hands of the users.

If you get the chance go over to the website and look at the demo and download a trial version.

You may see my full review here:

My review was performed as and independent admin/MVP and not as my employeer/company.