Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Intune updates for June 2015

Intune 2015 updates:


Windows 10 is about to arrive for everyone and this includes the Enterprise.  This will now give you the ablilty to manage that.

Speaking of which, did you know you can download the Windows 10 Preview for your certain phones?

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We are slowly seeing an up swing in IOS and Android capabilities much like in May.  This is expected as Microsoft slowly takes over the competitors in the market.  Look for greater abilities to come.  Every month Microsoft is pushing out small improvements based on the market and community requests. 


This is a brilliant concep that is gaining market ground in many devices.  In this previous PPT we see the use of GeoFencing with triggers.  When a device enters an area an application executes something. 
This can also be used to inhibit applications or features.  Say you have a corporate building that doesn't allow cameras, then when you enter the building perimeter the phone, which is corporeate owned, will lock down the camera. 

Or maybe want to disable certain programs when someone travels outside the US. The possibilities are endless and with Intune we slowly see many of these abilities come to life.